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Amber Demeis

 Guest Tattoo Artist

Amber currently resides in Pagosa Springs, Colorado but frequently guest spots at Sanctuary Pittsburgh.


Amber began her tattoo career over 9 years ago in Pittsburgh, though her love of art has been an enduring passion. This love of art originally grew from watching her grandmother create watercolor paintings of flowers as a child. Now a talented tattoo artist, Amber has worked and lived in the mountains of California and Colorado, and strives to express the balance and harmony she sees in nature in her botanical, floral, and ornamental tattoos.

 She highly prefers black and grey work, with natural themes both floral and botanical, as well as geometric, ornamental, and illustrative styles. Designs in line with her style preferences will take priority when scheduling.

As she is currently based in Colorado, Amber has a home at Sanctuary as a guest artist.  Her availability at Sanctuary Pittsburgh is not currently fixed on a schedule, so if you would like to be tattooed by her on her next visit, please send her an email with “Pittsburgh Wait List” in the subject, along with your contact info and general design idea.


For travel dates, additional information, questions, or booking please reach out at  or click the link below. 

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