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Call To Artists

Art Submission Form

Sanctuary Pittsburgh is looking for artists for our upcoming gallery show, "Scars, Dimples, and Stretch Marks: The Bodies We Love"

This show will feature art that confronts the unrealistic image of the human form imposed on us all by popular culture, as well as the media. At Sanctuary, we seek to honor all bodies as sacred, and with this gallery show we hope to lift up the diverse and beautiful forms natural bodies can take.

Artists interested in gallery shows may use this form to submit their work for consideration. Please submit a form by January 26th. Art pieces will need to be dropped off by Tuesday, February 2nd, framed as needed and ready to hang. This show will run from February 5th through March 17th in the studio, as well as online on the studio’s website.

Ideal price range for art pieces is under $300, to be sold with a 25% commission to the gallery.


 Please review Sanctuary’s Instagram page to see what types of art we have displayed in past shows. When submitting pieces for review, it is helpful to include medium and dimensions.

Gallery capacity is limited. Submissions will be reviewed by the team at Sanctuary, and participating artists will be contacted within 3-5 business days with confirmation and further details.  Artist submission forms do not guarantee automatic participation in the gallery show.

Art Submission Form
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