Jill Zankowski

Yoga Instructor

Initially trying yoga as a supplement to other high-intensity workouts, Jill found that her yoga practice was something she could integrate to every aspect of her life. Jill has been on and off her mat for over 12 years now, with yoga and meditation becoming a much larger part of her life in the past few years. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in June 2018, and has since developed a style that she is excited to share with you!


A lover of laughing, adventuring, dancing, and all things that make us feel our most alive, Jill aims to bring that excitement and enthusiasm to her classes. You can expect her classes to be moderate flows that build breath, energy, and light throughout the practice. Sometimes accompanied by music, Jill will lead you to be more empowered in your body, feeling like your best self when you end class. She cannot wait to share this awesome practice with you!


3533 Butler Street

Pittsburgh PA, 15201

[412] 251-0498



Mon-Fri 10am-6pm

Sat  10am-4pm

Closed Sunday


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