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Junior Tattoo Artist


Ashley Karpa-Strang is our junior tattoo artist, tattoing since October 2021. As dynamic as she is spirited, Ashley is a powerhouse of creative energy. She boasts a number of former career titles, from dancer to graphic designer, and now tattoo apprentice. No stranger to the world of art, she has known the compulsion to create since childhood. “I never went anywhere without a notepad and a pencil. I was always drawing as a kid. Always.”

As a tattoo artist, Ashley’s artistry and skill have shone forth, and she is diving into her apprenticeship with
the characteristic passion and intensity for which she is known. With her training under mentor Susie Humphrey well underway, Ashley is open to learning all styles of tattooing. Drawing from her background as a graphic designer, her greatest interest is in minimalistic linework, bold saturated colors and neotraditional, as well as ornamental dotwork.

Ashley’s vision of her future is one in which she never stops taking feedback, and never stops growing. She dreams of helping people who are not comfortable with their bodies, and hopes to help them decorate their bodies in a way that makes them feel comfortable, and, one day, beautiful.

For additional information, questions, or booking, please reach out at or click the link below.  

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