Tattoo Artist


Say hello to the newest addition to our team- Megan Phang, or as we know her, Phangs! Originally hailing from Walnut, California, Megan has come a long way to get here, and we couldn’t be happier to have her. Tattooing has been her dream for nearly a decade, and it is our great fortune that Pittsburgh is where she’s making her dreams come true. Her talent shines through in her artwork and her dedication to her craft, and her Japanese style is a fun change of pace from what you’re used to seeing at Sanctuary Pittsburgh.

Like many artists, she’s been drawing since childhood. “I would just be drawing all the time. I would draw random things in the house, my parents would go grocery shopping and I’d set up the food and fruit… like still life.” She says it was a pen pal from Singapore who first planted the seed that she could pursue a career in tattooing- “I just got so immersed in tattoo art and a lot of Japanese art. It was a moment for me where I was like, oh my god, I want to do this!”

With a background in psychology, she says she tried to follow a traditional path, but tattooing was always in the back of her mind. She says she hopes to show other Asian people who want to pursue something outside of STEM that it’s possible. “I also want to tattoo people from the queer community, I want to help them reclaim their bodies.” We think she’ll fit right in.

You can email her at to book an appointment!