Tattoo Artist


Phangs was drawn to the style, art, and culture of tattooing during her high school years. Since then, it has been her lifelong goal to pursue tattooing. However, tattooing was a taboo subject in her community – growing up as a first-generation Chinese American, it was highly discouraged to seek any career that was not deemed either practical, prestigious, or lucrative. Due to these Asian societal norms and expectations, she went to school and obtained a degree from a university in California. It wasn’t until her move to Pittsburgh that she began her almost three-year-long apprenticeship with tattooing.

Phangs has now been tattooing full-time for one year. She appreciates Japanese and neotraditional styles, and she enjoys a variety of subject matter, including but not limited to: Asian mythological creatures, animals/nature, and anime/video game imagery.

She is open to all design requests and is flexible with scheduling. Committed to empathy and trauma informed tattooing, Phangs wants encourage clients who are people of color or members of the queer community to get tattooed, as they may not have felt comfortable in tattoo settings in the past.

For additional information, questions, or booking, please reach out at or click the link below.