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Friday the 13th Flash Sale

We are excited to announce our Friday the Thirteenth Flash Sale, May 13th from 10 AM to 6 PM! We’ll have bite sized tattoos, ranging in size from 1-2 inches.

  • $40, CASH ONLY

  • One flash sheet available, featuring art from all resident tattoo artists

  • All artists are tattooing all flash designs in the order that your name is called. No requests for specific artists.

  • Arms and legs only, no exceptions

  • Walk ins only

  • No customization, no shading, no color.

  • Designs available exactly as they appear on the flash sheet, no exceptions

  • First come first served Studio space is limited; we will be limiting the number of clients waiting in the lobby

  • Expect to receive a call or text when your artist is ready. Please be prepared to return to Sanctuary within 20 minutes of your call or text

Parking in the parking lot next door is strictly prohibited. There is some street parking in the surrounding neighborhoods, or utilize the metered parking on Butler.



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