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Susie (Humphrey) Pittenger

Owner & Tattoo Artist

A lifelong artist, Susie Humphrey moved from her birthplace of Tucson, Arizona, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to begin her journey as a tattoo artist in 2011. Only 2 years later, she arrived in Pittsburgh for a guest spot, and has called it home ever since. A self-taught oil painter and proud outsider artist, she says she has been driven to create art as long as she can remember. After building a solid portfolio of American Traditional tattoos, along with award winning black and white flash, she now finds herself drawn to fine line and illustration, as well as botanical and floral designs.

Susie founded Sanctuary Pittsburgh in March of 2020, a versatile tattoo studio and boutique that boasts an impressive selection of fine vintage apparel, as well as a highly curated selection of antiques. Moved to give back to the community in whose fertile soil she has put down artistic roots, Susie opened her studio with the goal of providing a safe and inclusive environment, where all bodies and identities are honored as sacred. She believes self expression shouldn’t be hampered by traditional gender roles, and that clothing, as well as tattoos, can be a means to reclaim our identities, to heal, and to grow.

Susie is currently booking large scale black and gray projects. She enjoys botanical and floral, ornamental pieces, including mandalas and henna inspired pieces.  She loves tattooing skulls and skeletons, as well as animals and nature themed pieces that are in line with her artistic interests and style.

For additional information, questions, or booking, please reach out at or click the link below.  

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