Susie Humphrey

Tattoo Artist and Owner

Susie Humphrey has nine years of experience tattooing. She specializes in black and gray tattooing, and is recognized for her floral and nature inspired designs.


Due to limited availability, Susie is only booking pieces that are in line with her artistic interests and style. Currently she is not doing coverups or collaborating with other artists by elaborating on their work. To know whether there is a place for you on the schedule or the waitlist,  email with information about the subject matter, sizing and location of your request. Sending reference or inspirational  material is encouraged,  and a photo of any preexisting work you have in the area you want worked on is required.


Appointments  can only be made over email, so please  no  over-the-phone inquiries.


If Susie can work with you, you will receive a follow-up response. Unfortunately, due to the volume  of emails received, not every inquiry will receive  a personal response.