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OCT 3 - NOV 7

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Present Tense

Christina Kingerski

Graphite and Charcoal Drawing


My work explores the contrary emotions that often arise during phases of personal transition. The interplay of fear, hope, grief, and resilience is often examined in the work. Gestural marks alongside methodical linework highlights the tension between these disparate feelings. An overall gentle hand reinforces the precarious experience of negotiating these liminal spaces. Christina Kingerski is a visual artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. After completing her M.F.A. and spending nearly a decade working as an instructional designer and academic administrator at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Christina has transitioned to a private studio practice. Her current body of work explores the duality of emotions using traditional fiber art techniques and processes.


Not For Sale

Edgar Allan Poe

Angela Paterchak





This work expresses the feelings within the boundaries of life and death.




IG: @ amp_space

FB: Angela Marie Paterchak




Acrylic and Adhesive Vinyl Collage on Skateboard



RachelToxic features acrylic, vinyl, and collage in work meant to evoke emotion and encourage self-empowerment. Acknowledging the depth of both vulnerability and nostalgia, Toxic uses diverse materials and abstract compositions to create art that puts the familiar into a new perspective.




IG: @racheltoxic

FB: @racheltoxicartandapparel

What You Desire

Hannah Swoish


Acrylic on Canvas



There is so much beauty in being an empath. Holding space for others while listening and sharing the feelings they are experiencing is a very special trait to have. However, holding onto someone else’s energy can be very draining on one’s own energy - often leaving empaths feeling empty. In “What You Desire,” I wanted to depict this beauty while also bringing to light the importance of taking time for yourself. Recharge. And most importantly, do not feel guilty for doing what is best for you.




IG: @michel.han.gelo


Zia Mancuso

Acrylic and Watercolor on Canvas


A checkered pattern symbolizes the essence of duality that exists in the invisible space around us. Polarities, like black and white, pull us, creating consciousness. Dark and light, male and female divinity, negative and positive forces... nothing can exist without its opposite.  Along our subtle bodies, called sukshma sarira, exist seven energy points, moving like wheels to their own rhythm. Seven chakras line up along our non-physical bodies, each distinct in their color and their energy. Sometimes out of balance, and sometimes spinning rapidly, but always somewhere in the emptiness surrounding each one of us. So, in essence, this painting is a symbol of you, of myself, of the person beside you, and the persons you have yet to meet.




IG: @ziamancuso

Crown of Thorns

Cheyenne Cameron


Oil on Canvas



This painting was a part of a religious series I created. I’ve always been drawn to dark, religious imagery and the emotion it conveys.




IG: @twerkforchrist

dans la gueule du renard (in the maw of the fox)

Nicholas DeLeone


Steel, Rabbit Skull, and Lexan



Found objects are incredibly important to my work. Nearly all of the materials I use are found, reused, or repurposed. The animal parts I use are always ethically sourced, whether collected from nature or donated to me. It is imperative to me that through my work, I am paying homage to the natural world while minimizing the impact I have on it personally.




IG: @nick_deleone

Reemergence – Breaking the Mesh

Cristina Blanco Sio-Lopez


Acrylic on Canvas



Women's creative voices are re-emerging strongly in a ductile context of change. Their empowering character breaks the mesh of rigid frameworks that attempted to govern unfolding directions. At this time, we would like to open an invitation to join a nascent, liberating song, full of potential…It is, indeed, an invitation to embrace this unlikely threshold that we might shift from challenging to exponential.



Hanging Garden (to Sara)

Elizabeth Murray Finkelstein


Assemblage with Antique Frame, Hand-Gilding, Silk Flowers, and Burlap



Elizabeth Murray Finkelstein works between art business and art making. As a visual artist, she is motivated by transformation, mysticism, and the fundamental geometries of the Universe.



Watery Abyss 

Jay Pittenger





$150 Signed  Photograph

IG: @jay.pittenger @jay.pittenger2

Racoon Skull

Jay Pittenger




$150 Signed  Photograph

IG: @jay.pittenger @jay.pittenger2

Body Language

Hannah Swoish


Acrylic on Canvas



Portraits have always intrigued me. My goal as an artist is to capture the emotion of both the subject depicted and that of the viewer. I believe body language is a dead giveaway to the emotions someone is experiencing. In this piece, I utilized the subject’s hands to portray an emotion. However, as the viewer, it is up to you to decide what kind of emotion you feel when looking at this portrait.




IG: @michel.han.gelo


The Witch Wall

Envisioned by

Susie Humphrey

Built by Jay Pittenger

Introduction to the Witch Wall.

If you visit Sanctuary in person, leave a token for blessings and prosperty.

Honor the Witch Wall.


Johanna Sima

Micron Pen on Paper



I'm a local Pittsburgh artist who specializes in fine line drawings, plants and florals.





IG: @josi_unadorned

FB: @johanna.sima.9

Posthumous Stress Disorder

Chris Bigos

Acrylic on Canvas

Chris Bigos is a blue-collar meat cutter and Pittsburgh native raising two creatively fueled sons. Chris is a self-taught artist and musician with no formal training. “Posthumous Stress Disorder” as a concept piece hopefully invokes many questions but possibly one at the forefront. Does human psychology, anxiety, or soul of this form in this symbiotic dimension, transfer to the next realm? 






IG: @_c.deadpanbigos_

Sugar Quartz Suspension

Aiden Flame


Mixed Media



I’ve been practicing Shabari, traditional Japanese rope bondage, for six years and creating artwork for two years. I tie picture frames with the knots and patterns used to tie the human body. Then I decorate them with ethically sourced bones, crystals, and flowers that I’ve dried. All of the frames are customized by either burning or repainting. Aside from making the frames, I work with local photographers and offer Shibari-based photo shoots and do live performance art by either tying myself or a model.




IG: @aidensinflame

More Weight

Aly Mitchell


Collage and Graphite on Paper



“More Weight” reflects the feeling of being blind, stuck and heavy. Trapped in her mason jar, she cannot move. An unidentifiable set of arms has placed a heavy head, that is not her own, upon her shoulders and now she’s starting to feel the weight. Inspired by the feeling of existence



IG: @alymitchellart


Aly Mitchell

Graphite and Gold Leaf on Paper


“Goldspell” features a seductive witch that seeps gold dust from her fingertips. Inspired by lingerie and body movement, I created a strong lady to fit perfectly in this antique frame. She hovers effortlessly waiting to cast a spell on you.




IG: @alymitchellart

Red Woman

Chris Devine

Mixed Media on 300lb Watercolor Paper

Look into the void, not with your eyes but with your heart, and find comfort and protection in the endless possibilities.




IG: @cdevine_art

Here’s to the Future

Allison Attisano


Watercolor Pencil on Paper


The past year has been weird, transformational, paradigm shifting, and dark. So here’s a small reminder to embrace impermanence and that the world is currently in a state of transformation for a better future. 



IG: n00dle10


Allison Attisano


Watercolor Pencil on Paper

Hecate is the Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy. Also known as the “Queen of the Witches,” she’s associated with the crossroads, the cycle of life and death, regeneration and knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants. She’s the fierce voice that whispers we can choose to stand in our power. She is the eternal wild woman. I’ve always been deeply drawn to and inspired by this goddess. 

“We are the wild woman who broke free of the chains using her own cleverness and cunning. This is the spirit of Hecate, the ancient keeper of keys and breaker of chains. We are wild in that we resist and persist against those who would keep us bound. This is the remembering of what our soul has always known; that through the reclaiming of the keys of our wild, intuitive and wise selves can we find true freedom.”




IG: n00dle10


Rachel Simmons


Acrylic on Canvas


Rachel Simmons is a Pittsburgh based artist currently focused on painting and drawing. Recent content touches on deepening one’s relation with self, visualization of lessons in spiritual growth, and the juxtaposition of human/animal.

Intuition is one of the most mysterious and universal qualities of spirit, and central to many different magical practices. Felines are masters of fine-tuned senses, both of this physical world, and of energetic forces beyond the conventionally observable.




IG: @rachelmorgansimmons

Mask On Mask Off

Jeff Bertrand

Watercolor and Ink on Paper



Jeff Bertrand isn’t your normal artist, he makes dark art seem warm and happy. His work messes with your mind and your emotions. You don’t know whether to love it or hate it. His characters don’t seem to live in a Mayberry kinda town. They live in a post-war industrial revolution setting where cartoons are the new reality and disease and plague are rampant.


$200 Each Painting


IG: @jeff_bertrand

Sad Witch Missing Halloween Town

Jeff Bertrand

Watercolor and Ink on Paper



Jeff Bertrand isn’t your normal artist, he makes dark art seem warm and happy. His work messes with your mind and your emotions. You don’t know whether to love it or hate it. His characters don’t seem to live in a Mayberry kinda town. They live in a post-war industrial revolution setting where cartoons are the new reality and disease and plague are rampant.


$200 Each Painting


IG: @jeff_bertrand

Losing Insight

Rigel Richardson


Acrylic on Canvas

Rigel Richardson draws heavily from the visual vocabulary of the natural and built environments of her youth in California and life in Pittsburgh. Inspirations include the bright colors of both cityscapes and ocean creatures, which cause optical flicker and confusion; patterns like scales and fur from creatures who shy away from human interaction, or the decaying surface details of manmade forms; and the traditions and artforms of her Mexican heritage. Like Alejibres (those brightly painted Oaxacan wood carvings) or Dia De Los Muertos, bright saturated colors are optically light and emotionally inviting, but often adorn and frame more heavy emotional aspects of the colorful celebrations.




IG: @rigelfish

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