Sanctuary provides a safe space for students to start or expand their yoga journey. We offer classes to suit each and everyone’s needs and welcome anyone who has never practiced yoga before.

We offer beginner fundamentals and specialize in small, intimate classes. Our teachers help you learn to deepen your breath, build strength, explore your practice, develop challenging poses and learn meditation. Yoga has been shown to help reduce stress, develop confidence, heal and improve your health. You will become more aware of the relationship between your mind and your body. All shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities are welcome.

Sanctuary offers a range of classes from vinyasa to yin yoga classes. Classes range in difficulty, and teachers offer different variations for students. Sequences vary based of each instructors’ preferences. If you want to find your flow with a dynamic sequence join our upbeat vinyasa classes, or maybe you want a yin yoga detox instead. Explore each instructors’ unique style.