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T A T T O O     S T U D I O


Karpa has been tattooing since October 2021. With a boundless creative spirit, she is a force to be reckoned with. Ashley's career journey has taken many forms, from dancer to graphic designer, and now tattoo artist. She has always had a passion for creating art, which began in childhood, where she was never without a sketchbook and pencil.

Leveraging her 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, Ashley is particularly fond of minimalist linework, geometric designs, illustrative and abstract pieces, and ornamental/mandala dotwork.


Karpa hopes to use her art as a way to help people feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, especially those who may not be as confident with their bodies.

Her approach to tattooing is a reflection of her personality. She is warm, welcoming, and patient with her clients, taking the time to understand their vision and bringing it to life with her artistic skill. She works with her clients to create a design that is unique to them, incorporating their ideas and preferences into a cohesive piece of art.

Ashley's passion for tattooing is evident in every piece she creates. She hopes to continue to inspire others with her work and make a positive impact on the tattoo community. With her talent, dedication, and creative vision, there is no doubt that Ashley will continue to leave a lasting impression on the industry for years to come. Email booking inquiries to and follow her on Instagram for flash and booking updates.

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