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T A T T O O     S T U D I O


Suz (Humphrey) Pittenger moved from their birthplace of Tucson, Arizona, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to become a tattoo artist in 2011. Two years later they arrived in Pittsburgh for a guest spot and have called the city home ever since. Suz is a self taught oil painter and has been driven to create art from a very young age. After building a solid portfolio of American Traditional tattoos, along with award winning black and white flash, they have embraced illustrative fine line work,  as well as heavy blackwork.

Suz founded Sanctuary Pittsburgh in March of 2020 as private tattoo studio. They opened the studio with the goal of providing a safe and inclusive environment, where all bodies and identities are honored as sacred. Since then, the space has grown into a home for several resident artists and guest artists. Suz believes self expression shouldn’t be hampered by traditional gender roles and that tattoos can be a means to reclaim our identities, to heal, and to grow.

Suz is currently only working with return clients on custom requests in Pittsburgh, but they do offer some appointments for flash to new clients. They travel frequently to Albany, NY to tattoo. If you are in the NY area and would like to book please email them here.


They prefer to take on large scale botanical pieces, heavy black, mandalas and henna inspired designs, as well as bones, skeletons, animals, and spooky motifs. If you have questions about booking, please refer to their Instagram as they post updates about books opening and available flash there.

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